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What some of our photographers have to say...

They make me look good. How am I able to make all my images perfect? It's simple, I let Pilot Imaging do the post production. They are the best."
- Doug Gordon Patken Photographer
I rely on tools and products from Pilot Imaging throughout my work. With today's market being service driven coupled with quality, there is no better partner for our studio."
- Clay Blackmore Clay & Company
Pilot imaging is the perfect partner in my quest for meeting my client's photographic needs."
- Michael Bennett Kress Michael Bennett Kress & Associates
As an independent photographer I know I can't do it all by myself. That's why I trust Pilot Imaging with all of my retouching and album design needs. I know I can count on their creative and professional staff to deliver a beautiful layout that complements my images and makes an impact with my clients."
- Geoff Chesman Geoff Chesman Visuals
Pilot Imaging has provided only the highest quality work in everything they have done for me. They stand behind their work, and it is always a pleasure dealing with anyone in the Pilot Imaging group."
- Nadine Levin Nadine Levin Photography
I LOVE Pilot Imaging... They have amazing customer service and they really take their time to get to know you well. This way all my albums look and feel consistent with my brand and style and they look like I design them myself! Thank you Pilot Imaging for all your hard work, time, patience and professionalism. I have my life back thanks to you!"
- Juan Carlos Briceno Foto Briceno
Thank you for taking the time to make our images perfect! Most labs these days don't see the color, you always 'wow' me when I see my prints! Thanks for caring."
- Ian Furlong Great American Photo
Since I started using Pilot Imaging, my life has never been easier. Their quality printing and quick turn around time have become a major asset to my company. Their prompt, courteous customer service is appreciated. It's certainly nice to speak to a person and get immediate answers. It has been a great experience partnering with Pilot imaging because I know they have my best interest at heart."
- Robert Isacson Isacson Studios
Thank you again. And the retouching is AMAZING. I am so impressed. I will be coming back for anything and everything like this in the future. Kudos to you and anyone else who had a hand in retouching this photo.​ Job well done."
- Aaron Taylor Aaron Taylor Photography

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