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4x6client corrected$0.19 each
4x6lab corrected$0.29 each
5x7client corrected$0.38 each
5x7lab corrected$0.48 each
5x5client corrected$0.20 each
5x5lab corrected$0.30 each
*Printed on Kodak Edge amateur paper with no copyright protection printed on back

Photographic Proof Books

Our photographic proof books are a cost effective way to give your clients a nice presentation. you may choose from a wide variety of options such as black or white background, as well as different stroke and border options. You can also add your custom designed splash pages as well as a custom cover or choose to use our simple cover templates. Please note that all pages for this book are single sided because they are photographically printed. There is a $7.50 fee for spiral binding and it includes either a clear or frosted protective cover and black backing. The cost for the proof books are based on size and quantity of pages (including cover, back and splash pages).
6x9 Book$1.75 per page
8x10 Book$1.75 per page
8.5x11 Book$2.25 per page
10x10 Book$2.25 per page
10x13 Book$2.50 per page
11x14 Book$2.50 per page
12x12 Book$3.25 per page

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