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Standard RAW Processing

$0.25/file with $5 min Standard Processing Includes:
  • Color Correction & White Balance
  • Exposure & Recovery
  • Fill & Brightness
  • Saturation, Clarity & Vibrance
  • Contrast & Black Adjustments
  • Overall Vignetting
  • Histogram Evaluation & Adjustment
  • Basic Image Toning
  • Batch File Renaming

Upgraded RAW Processing

$0.75/file with $5 min In addition to Standard Processing, the upgrade includes:
  • Cropping
  • Time Syncing
  • Individual Color Saturation & Adjustment
  • Sharpening
  • Lens Vignette Correction
  • Gradient Adjustments
  • Customized File Renaming


$0.05/image based on original number of images filtered through

Other Services

Image Branding - $0.10/image with $5 min after one time $15 set-up fee Time Syncing - $10/additional camera Customized File Renaming - $0.01/image Perspective Correction - $0.75-$2.50/image Categorizing - $5-$20/ job

Artistic Enhancements

$1.75/image Images are individually processed in Photoshop. A combination of actions, adjustments, masks, and filters are used to achieve unique effects. Artistic enhancements add extra depth and intrigue to your photographs.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Processing

$5-$25 We will work from your corrected files or can start from your RAW files for an additional $5 fee. Photographs must be taken with a tripod maintaining one composition and a minimum of two exposures. For best results, multiple bracketed exposures are ideal. Each set of photographs will produce one HDR image.   What HDR adjustments we will make:
  • Align images to correct for horizontal or vertical shifts or by matching features
  • Reduce chromatic aberrations
  • Noise Reduction
  • Attempt to eliminate ghosting artifacts from background, such as movements from water, foliage AND moving objects
  • Take tone curve of color profile
Tone Mapping Adjustments Include:
  • Strength
  • Luminosity
  • Smoothing
  • Black Point
  • Temperature
  • Saturation Shadows
  • Highlight Smoothness
  • Shadow Clipping
  • Color Saturation
  • Micro Contrast
  • White Point
  • Gamma
  • Saturation Highlights
  • Micro Smoothing
  • Shadow Smoothness

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