Ordering Options

WeTransfer / Labtricity / FTP


If you need a quick and easy way to send us a group of images, feel free to use our private WeTransfer channel! Just go to the link below, fill in the requested email information, select your files and go!


Express Digital Labtricity is a digital connectivity solution designed to connect professional digital photographers to digital-enabled professional labs. The automated approach to creating an order, pricing the order, transacting the order, transmitting the order and fulfilling the order provides significant added value to both professional photographers and digital labs. The benefits of Labtricity include cost and time savings, increased profits, business growth, increased return on investment, improved workflow, extended service and a competitive differentiator. Pilot Imaging participates in the Labtricity family of labs, so if you are an Express Digital user, we are able to meet your needs. Remember to choose Pilot Imaging from the list of labs.


To use our FTP, you will need an FTP client software. We recommend Core FTP Lite for Windows and FileZilla for Mac – both are free downloads from the web. When uploading to our FTP, ALWAYS send an email notifying us of your order and instructions for fulfillment. Since everyone has a private folder, we are not able to tell when a new upload has been placed without your notification. Please label your folder using your job name (eg. Smith_Kline_Wed).


To get set up:

  • Send an email to Info@PilotImaging.com
  • State your request for FTP Access
  • Request a desired username AND password (This will be case sensitive!)
  • Wait for a confirmation email with instructions