What paper do you use?

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Photographic: Kodak E-Surface Lustre is our standard paper. Alternate paper types can be requested when you place your order. 20% Upgrade: Glossy 50% Upgrade: Metallic Silver Halide Press Paper: Our stocked papers include a coated (glossy), uncoated (matte), pearl/metallic, watercolor/art and linen in 80, 118, 148, 216, 270 and 300gsm. As a custom service we [...]

What are your rush fees?

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Any of our services can be rushed; fees are based on time of year and availability of materials. Always contact us in advance for the best rates possible.

What are your turnaround times?

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Photographic Prints - 24 Hours or Less Mounting - Some material same day, all guaranteed in 14 days Canvas Wraps - Some material same day, all guaranteed in 14 days Large Format - 24-48 Hours Canvas - 24-48 Hours Image Processing - 1-5 Business Days Retouching - 1-5 Business Days Design - 2-5 Business Days [...]

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