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BVB and Education

Bringing the Value Back to Photography!

The idea behind BVB is to motivate photographers to help bring the value of photography back to what it once was. Many feel that photography is losing both its monetary value as well as its artistic value. Whether this change in the industry is due to the tough economy or to the fact that everyone has a camera in this day and age, many photographers are ready to bring the ball back in their court and bring the value back to the industry! Photography has become such a commodity that it is time for photographers to step up their game and set themselves apart from the average hobbyist or photography enthusiast and show clients the true value of our craft. Photography is an art form and should be treated as such. The goal of BVB is to educate each other and encourage photographers to realize their true worth. Pilot Imaging is committed to creating opportunities for photographers to further their education, become motivated, feel re-inspired and rejuvenated. BVB events have included full-day seminars, evening courses, and monthly classes. Our speakers have included Doug Gordon, Clay Blackmore, Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams, Eddie Tapp, Scott Kurkian, Lianna Lehman-Hall, Michael Bennett Kress and more. BVB programs have covered topics ranging from posing and lighting to marketing and sales to video integration and beyond. Our hope is that in addition to education and motivation, BVB will create a network of photographers. Whether you need advice, help brainstorming, a second shooter, or even emergency coverage, we want the BVB network of photographers to be a resource for you. We look forward to expanding our events and continuing to bring you a variety of educational and networking opportunities!

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