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Albums & Photo Books

Everflat Press Books

Our press books are printed on coated 216gsm hinged, layflat paper, they have a hard back, wrap-around photographic cover, and are hand bound. The cover is printed photographically and then laminated in either a glossy or matte finish, Since most photographic paper' emulsion cracks and discolors we use a special paper so this issue is no longer a concern. The cost of out press books includes a custom cover design complete with your logo on the back; you may speak with one of our designers about what you would like, or you may provide your own cover design if you prefer. Our press books are a favorite among our clients as a cost effective proofing option, an extremely economic alternative to albums, a creative idea for guest signature books and more! Customize your book with additional options:
  • Vellum - $2.50/page  or $5 with printing
  • Glossy or Matte cover lamination - Included
  • Optional paper upgrades - Call for details
Book Size12Pages (24 Sides)Additional Pages

Guest Signature Books

Only $125 Custom designed 8x8 or 8.5x11 press printed book which includes up to 20 images and 24 sides. Also includes a custom designed photographic hard-back cover. Press printed on Everflat layflat paper. Additional Images - $1 each Additional Pages (2 sides) - $1.80 Designed Changes - $3 per spread SignIn0132 guestbook SignIn0122

Photoflat Albums

Our photographic layflat albums offers a multitude of sizes and feature hardback wrap-around photographic covers, folded layflat pages, photographic lustre paper, sturdy and stylish construction. This book is an affordable, modern alternative to your typical photographic album and will exceed expectations.
Album SizePrice
4x4$57 + $1.35/spread
4x6$62 + $1.35/spread
6x6$72 + $1.35/spread
6x9$77 + $1.65/spread
8x8$86 + $1.75/spread
8x12$125 + $3.50/spread
10x10$120 + $3.50/spread
12x12$154 + $3.50/spread

PictoBooks Signature Series

The Signature Series album includes top of the line album features including a genuine leather cover, a 4x4 cameo, cover/spine imprinting, rounded spine and corners, studio imprinting, gilding, album slip cover, wooden case, 20 spreads, up to 90 images, and a one-of-a-kind custom design by one of our experienced digital artists.

8x8 Album$500
10x10 Album$600
10x13 Album$635
Upgrade to full cameo - $70 Additional spreads - $12

PictoBooks Bijou Series

The PictoBooks Bijou Album is a gorgeous and economic alternative. This album is great for family portraits, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties, reunions, and a cost effective option for any album. This album allows you the flexibility to offer products for every potential client regardless of their budget. Included in the album is a vinyl, monogrammed cover, 16 spreads, 60 images, and a completely custom Pilot Imaging design. bijou
8x8 Album$290
8x10 Album$305
10x10 Album$320
Cover Monogram - Included Cover Branding - $7/line Slip Cover - Included Matching Box - $80 Upgrade to Genuine Leather - $100 Additional Spreads - $10

PictoBooks Bijou Elite Series

The Bijou Elite Series is a wonderful mid-range album, combining the best of both worlds. These packages include one cameo are are upgradable to include additional cover cameos. Please note that the Elite Series cannot be upgraded to have a genuine leather cover. These packages also include a 60 image design and 16 spreads. Bijou-Elite
8x8 Album$350
8x10 Album$365
10x10 Album$385
Two CameosAdditional $30
Three CameosAdditional $50
Four CameosAdditional $60

Designer Canvas Covers

Pre-Made Design - $50 Custom-Made Design - $100

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